Securing a slavegirl in cage

Beautiful young slavegirl was caged in a red latex catsuit by her Mistress. Helpless and in cage there was no way for her to escape, but Mistress wanted to be sure that slavegirl was secured so she additionally handcuffed her. Be sure to visit this great BDSM Fetish site and click on a photo above to see more photos and movies.

Two slaves caught by Mistress

While the two slaves were waiting for Mistress’ orders, they started to kiss and touch each other. Completely unaware that Mistress was watching, they didn’t even think that the punishment might be just around the corner. If you like fetish and lezdom, be sure to click on a photo above and visit Blood Angels.

Slavegirl casting

Two collared and leashed slavegirls were brought on casting where they had to prove their skills and how submissive are they. Which one did better? Click on a photo above to find out.

Punishment of a blond slut

Helpless and humiliated, restrained so she couldn’t move, crying and begging Him to stop, she was caned for hours until the cane finally broke. Be sure to watch this cruel punishment video and click on a photo above.

Spanked in a living room

Staying at home all day and doing nothing just called for a rough spanking punishment. When He got home from work, all he found was an apartment in a complete mess, no food and his lazy slave watching TV. Just imagine how much time did it take him to order her to get on the knees with her ass bare naked?

Brutal slave whipping

After spending several hours restrained in a dark and cold cell, completely naked and on her knees, Master entered the room and ordered to get up from the floor. Barely managing to do so, without another word he started to whip her brutally. She knew she deserved punishment, however it was so rough that she couldn’t endure it much more. Click on a photo above to see this cruel punishment movie.

Lesbian slut tortured by her girlfriend

Knowing that she made a big mistake by fucking her girlfriend’s male friend, she was scared to visit her that night because she had a feeling that it could get quite rough. Her intuition was partially right since it was much more rough than she expected. Her girlfriend punished her on the most painful, humiliating and degrading ways. Click on a photo above if you would like to see this rough punishment movie and visit Pain Toy.

Cruel whipping punishment

For the disobedient and undisciplined sluts like this one, punishment can only be cruel and more cruel. Knowing that she deserved it, she tried to stay calm, but when the strokes of a rough leather whip started to hit her body, she started to cry soon. For more extreme punishment videos, be sure to click on a photo above and visit Pain Toy.

Punishment on a sybian

No matter how much she cried and begged Master to stop, the mixture of pain coming from extremely cruel whipping and orgasms coming from the vibrating sybian machine she was riding, was so exciting that at the end when he really stopped, she started to beg for more. Want more videos with forced orgasms and pain? Click on a photo above and visit Pain Toy.

Bound, gagged and tit tortured

With her hands tied high above head and her mouth gagged tightly with a huge leather gag, she was in the helpless and vulnerable position during the extreme tit torture. If you like what you see, waste no time and visit Pain Toy for more rough punishments.

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